Causes of Autoimmune and How to Reverse

While there is an genetic component involved making certain individual more vulnerable, the causes of autoimmune conditions and disease falls in three main categories:

  • Leaky gut / Food sensitivity
  • Toxicity from chemicals, heavy metals, mold
  • Chronic hidden infections

Autoimmune diseases and conditions are a dis-regulation of the immune system, where the immune system attack self instead of invaders.  The majority of immune system resides in the gut.  That is why almost all people with autoimmune have some gut and intestinal issues.  As the intestines get damaged, the gut become leaky and undigested food particle molecules flow into the bloodstream where it is not supposed to be.  So the immune system goes on the attack.  But due to molecular mimickery, it sometimes confuses body cells with the food particles or with the infectious agents that it is aiming for.

When gut become leaky, this causes food sensitivity.  The foods that are most allergenic are …

  • gluten
  • dairy
  • corn
  • soy
  • eggs

All five of these are on JJ Virgin’s avoid list.   She also has peanuts and sugar on her avoid list.  Peanuts can often have aflatoxin which is why many people are allergic to peanuts.  Others have found that avoiding sugar can improve autoimmune conditions.

Gluten and dairy are the big ones and I feel that everyone with an autoimmune condition should avoid those two.  Corn and soy (if not labelled organic or non-GMO) are likely to be genetically modified.  Gluten and GMO’s are contributing causes of leaky gut.  The Paleo Diet avoid gluten, dairy, and legumes.  And many people find the “Autoimmune Paleo”  diet to be helpful in reducing autoimmune symptoms.  Here is a list of autoimmune paleo foods to avoid.

Ways to Heal Autoimmune

Read Dr. Amy Myers Understanding the True Cause of Autoimmune Disease to learn what causes it and how to reverse autoimmune.  Besides healing the gut and going Paleo, she recommends testing for heavy metals, mycotoxins, and infections.  And finally, managing stress which can disregulate and weaken the immune system.

In addition avoid GMOs and foods that you are sensitive to (test with Cyrex Labs). If you are eating out, take digestive enzymes.

Optimize vitamin D (go outdoors in the summer and supplement in the winter) and gut microbiom flora.  Take probiotics.   Be careful of vaccines and antibotics (use only when you really need to).

Heal leaky gut with bone broth.  Other nutrients that can help with autoimmune are glutamine, omega 3, curcumin, colostrum, zinc, and vitamin A.  Consider anti-parasite supplements. has additional items on its list.