Fork That Alert You When You Are Eating Too Fast

Eating too fast causes poor digestion and causes us to eat too much.  The remedy is HapiFork by HapiLabs.  It will vibrate if you are eating too fast.

We need to chew our food thoroughly so that we get better digestion and absorption of our foods, especially if we have low stomach acid.  But sometimes we are in such as rush that we do not chew enough and eating too fast.  Well, the Hapifork will measure how fast you are putting food into your mouth.  And how many fork-full of it.  Connect to your phone or your computer via bluetooth or USB.

Using Glucometer as a heath tool

A glucometer is a small home device that you can purchase for less than $50 that helps you monitor your blood glucose level.  This tool is not just for diabetes, but healthy people can find it helpful.  And can help detect pre-diabetes.

The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show podcast episode 591 has guest Angela Ross talking about how a glucometer will help make you healthy and lean.   She say to start with the lancet at level one.  And if it doesn’t draw blood, dial it up to 2.  And so on.

Angela Ross is the author of the book “The Glucometer”.

Chris Kresser wrote article “How to Prevent diabetes and heart disease for $16” where he recommends ReliOn Prime.

iPad 2 model A1395

The iPad 2 model A1395 is the second generation iPad (or iPad 2) with WiFi-only connectivity.  The iPad 2 is a tablet device by Apple that was released in the United States on March 2011.  It was then subsequently released to other parts of the world.  The iPad 2 is lighter, thinner, and faster than the original iPad.

The iPad 2 comes in three models depending on the connectivity abilities.  

iPad 2 Model A1395: WiFi-only connectivity
iPad 2 Model A1396: Wi-Fi / GSM / A-GPS
iPad 2 Model A1397: WiFi / CDMA / A-GPS

For each model, you can have black or white color. And for each of the model, you can select the amount of memory capacity: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Depending on your selections, the price will vary.

The model number can be found on the back of the iPad.  Alternatively, on the iPad, you can tap on “Settings” on the Home screen and then go to “General -> About -> Regulatory”.  There you should see the model number of the device.

If your model number shows A1219 or A1337, then you do not have the iPad 2; you have the original iPad.   But an easier way to determine whether you have the iPad 2 or the original iPad is to simply look to see whether it has cameras.  The iPad 2 has two cameras, one on each side, with rear camera being able to capture HD video.   The camera would look like a tiny pinhole, so it might be hard to spot.  The original iPad does not have any camera.

Because of the added camera, the iPad 2 has FaceTime app for video calling and PhotoBooth.

iPad 2 Model A1395
iPad 2 Model A1395

The iPad 2 uses the Apple dual-core A5 chip as opposed to the A4 in the original, making it up to twice as fast.  And better graphics (especially for games).  There is even a gyroscope, so that the display can rotate as you rotate the device.  There are games that takes advantage of the tilt sensing ability of the iPad 2.  Battery life is about 10 hours.

Of course, it can surf the web and send emails, but it can do a lot more.  Watch the below video by Apple.

The Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover is sold separately. As you saw in the video, the iPad can detect when you remove and put on the cover and will wake and sleep appropriately. The cover is magnetically attached, and can be folded into a stand for typing and watching videos.

It is recommended that you purchase either a Smart Cover or a third party case to protect the touch sensitive screen during transport.

Slippers that Cleans Floor

Here are some slippers that cleans the floor as you walk. They are more designed for cleaning hardwood floor as opposed to carpet. For carpets, you are better off using a vacuum cleaner.

They work better if you walk in a sweeping motion. And make sure you dust off the dirt afterward; otherwise you track dirt back onto the floor that you’ve just cleaned.

They come in different colors and but not sure if they come in different sizes.

“I Hate Coffee” Funny Mug

This funny mug says “I hate coffee, it keeps me awake at work”.

It is not recommended that you actually use this mug at work (assuming you want to keep your job).   Or if you do, let’s not let you boss see it.   However, if you work from home, then it is okay.  Although I guess it would not be as funny at home.

Funny Video About Men and Women’s Brains by Mark Gungor

Watch excerpt on YouTube »

YouTube linked here has a hilarious video by Mark Gungor telling us the difference between men and women’s brain.  Funny and perceptive too. More of his humor in his DVDs, Tale of Two Brains and Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Mark Gungor does marriage seminars and his website is

For more funny videos, visit his YouTube channel.