How GAPS diet can help with Autoimmunity

Blog Talk Radio has an episode where Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride was interviewed.  She developed the GAPS diet and wrote Gut and Psychology Syndrome. This diets helps to correct the gut flora.  Since people with autoimmunity has compromised gut flora, this diet may help.

You can get an overview of the GAPS diet from the article by NourishedKitchen.  The article also mentions …

“People suffering from food intolerances and sensitivities have seen recovery.”

And we know that most people with autoimmunity has some food sensitivity.

The GAPS diet consists of an introduction phase and an full GAPS diet — these are links from which writes …

“majority of the patient’s diet should consist of fresh meats (hormone-free/grass fed if possible), animal fats, fish, shellfish, organic farm-fresh eggs (if well tolerated), fermented foods, and vegetables”


“85% of everything your patient eats daily should be made out of meats, fish, eggs, fermented dairy and vegetables (some well-cooked, some fermented and some raw).  …  Homemade meat stock, soups, stews and natural fats are not optional – they should be your patient’s staples.”

Recommended to combine vegetables with meats.   Vegetables can be in combination of raw, cooked, and fermented.  Bone broth or meat stock are highly recommended

Avoid process foods, grains, and sugar.