Be Careful of Chelation and mercury amalgam removal

In the Phoenix Helix podcast, Dr. Datis Kharrazian mentioned that you have to be careful with chelation especially if you have autoimmunity or chemical sensitivity.  This is because if you have lost chemical tolerance or have leaky gut and/or blood brain barrier, the cheation process can pull out the toxins and heavy metals and re-distribute it in other parts of the body (including the brain) and possibly making your autoimmune condition much worst.

Dr. Kharrazian writes more about this in depth on his site which states …

“Chelation can be dangerous when you have autoimmunity. I have seen chelation therapy destroy people’s health.”

and it mentions the various pre-requistie conditions that should be met in order to make chelation safe.

The same goes for mercury dental amalgam removal.  Host of the podcast, Eileen said mentions of someone who developed an autoimmune after having her mercury dental amalgam removed even though she did her due diligence to go to a biological dentist.  And Dr. Kharrazian says that happens all the time.  Of course, he didn’t mean literally “all the time”, but you know.   Of course, there are people or cases where dental amalgam removal and chelation does help.

The book “It’s All In Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness”   shows the case how mercury in the body can cause illness.

Whether to do chelation and amalgam removal is an very individual decision.  No one can tell you whether it is right or wrong.  Because what is right for one person may not be right for another.   The point is that we have to not take the decision lightly and have to do full research on it first.

One person who did a lot of research before undergoing amalgam removal round one and round two and chelation writes of her experience in the links mentions.  A must-read for anyone considering.