Zinc may help with food sensivitity

Food sensitivity is caused when undigested food proteins passes through the leaky gut into the bloodstream, triggering the immune system to attack the particles.

Low stomach acid and lack of digestive enzymes can cause one not to break down food properly, exacerbating the situation.

That is when digestive enzymes can help. Because so many people are deficient in zinc, what may also be helpful is zinc supplementation.

Patrick Holford writes in New Optimum Nutrition Bible

“supplementation with digestive enzymes reduces symptoms associated with food allergy and intolerance.  Zinc supplementation can also be helpful as deficiency is extremely common among allergy sufferers.  Zinc is not only needed for protein digestion, but also essential for the production of hydrocholoric acid in the stomach.”

NourishedHealth.com writes that many celiacs are low in zinc and that  …

” zinc appears to be essential in preserving and healing intestinal mucosa and halting celiac disease progression. It is also essential for healthy skin and skin cell regeneration, essential with dermatitis herpetiformis.”

Study found that children with food allergies have lower blood levels of zinc and selenium.