Obama Funny Videos

President Obama has a sense of humor and often puts in jokes in some of his speeches.   Here are some Obama funny videos found on youtube.

Let’s start off with this video where the punchlines comes one right after another…

For some of the jokes, you have to know a bit of American politics to understand.  For example, when he referenced his middle name.  He did not actually mention his middle name.  But those who know that his middle name is “Hussein”, then it becomes funny.

Another time is when he referenced that he is from planet Krypton (that is where Superman is from).  This ties in with the incorrect accusations by some people that he was not born in the United States.

Here is another funny Obama video made during a speech in his last year of presidency…

where he says that next year someone else will be standing at this spot and it anyone’s guess who she would be.  The she he refers to references Hillary Clinton.

Then he mentions that after he retires from his presidency, he is just counting the days to his “death panel”, references the incorrect accusations of some people that his Obama Care (health reform act) contains “death panels”.