Jerry Seinfeld Documentary “Comedian”

Jerry Seinfeld’s documentary “Comedian” is a documentary. So it is not meant to be an non-stop laugh-a-minute comedy. If you want that, you can see reruns of his TV show or his comedy archives on his site

This documentary gives us some insights into what it is like to be a stand-up comic as we watch Jerry go back to doing stand-up after his TV show. We also follow Orny Adams, a young comedian trying to make it in this business.

We get to see the anxiety of the comedians before their set, as well as their self-judging and analysis of their own performance after the set. After watching this movie we can understand that being a stand-up comic is not easy and requires a lot of work. We see Jerry rehearses the sequence of jokes and review his notes before the act.

In the movie, there are short dialogs where Jerry talks to Ray Ramona, Jay Leno, Orny Adams, Bill Cosby, and others. In the special features section of the DVD, you see the whole of Jerry’s and Orny’s acts on the “Tonight Show with David Letterman”. Both acts are very funny. In Jerry’s act, he starts answering the question of what he is doing after his TV show. And he turns it into a very funny joke. But he does give the real answer that he has a baby. And in fact, we do see brief moments of him and his wife and their baby in the movie.

Documentary on Lyme Disease: “Under Our Skin”

Lyme disease has a bit of controversy.  But chronic lyme disease is real.  Just watch the 2009 documentary “Under Our Skin“.  The key finding is that biofilm can create an environment for the Lyme disease to become chronic, relapsing, and difficult to treat.  If Lyme disease was diagnosis early and treated appropriately, people can get better.  But unfortunately, they are not diagnosed properly.   The film goes to say that half the people with Lyme disease do not test positive for it due to the testing methodology available at the time.

Learn the Truth about the Dangers of GMO in this documentary

The documentary Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives (2012) by Jeffrey M. Smith will show the danger of GMO foods and how it can cause leaky gut as well as food allergies and possibly leading to autoimmune diseases.

It contains interviews of many experts explaining the danger of GMOs.

Another good video to watch is Dr. Mercola’s interview of Dr. Huber.