EMF and autoimmune

Jack Kruse believes that EMF causes leaky gut and that EMF is the source of autoimmunity.  While the Paleo community believes that autoimmunity is caused by the food we eat.   Both may have good points.  A leaky gut is a pre-requiste for having autoimmune conditions.   When a there is a leaky gut, certain foods we eat can trigger an autoimmune response.  A person with no leaky gut (in other words a perfectly healthy gut) — good luck finding such a person in this world in this day and age — can eat all foods and not have any autoimmune triggers.

But what causes an leaky gut in the first place.  While some say gluten does by triggering zonulin which makes gut more leaky, and another possible cause is hidden bacterial infections. [reference]

Dr. Jack Kruse seem to believe that EMF radiation is the primary cause of autoimmune conditions/diseases.   From his blog, “Sun and Earth’s magnetic field controls all calcium and magnesium homeostasis” and an altered field from EMFs affects “Calcium concentration in lymphocytes, especially thymus cells (T cells)”.  And he writes, “Autoimmunity is directly tied to an alteration of the electromagnetic field that our cells live in.”

He does concede that “Foods exacerbate the condition but they do not cause it.”

He also because EMF dehydrates at the cellular level.  You can hear him explain these in this podcast.

In another post, he writes…

Calcium efflux causes cellular signaling to break down.  For example, loss of calcium in the pineal gland causes circadian cycle disruption.  Environmental fluoride exposure and exposure to artificial light also causes this phenomena. “

EMF and Autoimmune

Paper writes that …

“there is clear evidence that exposure to EMFs produced by radiotelevision broadcasting stations, radars, or electricity induces changes (within the physiological range) in number and percentage of circulating immune cells as well as in the immune response.”

The effect of EMF on the body appears to be similar to that of stress.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan suggests using the Pong Radiation protective case which reduces radiation from your cell phone. The nice thing about it is that your phone still works.