Staple-less Staplers without Staples

Don’t have to worry about your stapler running out of staples. Don’t have to worry about your staples in your stapled papers getting caught in the the paper shredder. These staple-less staplers does not use staples. Instead, it cuts a slot and does a fold to bind your papers together. Works better when there are not too many sheets. Different colors and animal head shapes available.

Candles without Flames

These electronic candles are called “flameless candles” because use an led light. They don’t have flames. So that means no smoke either. But they look just like candles with a simulated look of melted wax. Some led have flicker effect to simulate flame-like appearance. Some have scent. Some have a timer feature. And some even have a remote control.

Laser Target Alarm Clock

You know how you can turn off your alarm without even opening your eyes? Not with this laser target alarm clock, you can’t. You need to open your eyes, point and aim the laser gun at the target in order to silence the alarm. If you miss the target, the alarm won’t go off.

Fans Without Blades

Known as “air multipliers”, these fans by Dyson produces a breeze without the use of any blades. This has the benefit of giving you smooth flow of air without the buffeting that chopping blades would give. Plus the safety is a big plus. You can not get your finger caught in the blades. In fact, you can stick your whole hand through the aperture opening where the air comes out. The aperture size comes in 10 inch or 12 inch. The fans can tilt an swivel like conventional fans.

It uses airfoil technology.

Animation of how it works
Explanation by the designer Sir James Dyson

Alarm Clocks That Runs Away

This alarm clock known as “Clocky” has giant wheels enables it to run away ringing so that you have to get up to go after it. It actually looks like it has two eyes and a mouth with two wheels where its ears would be. Comes in Aqua, Almond, Chrome, or Coco.

Three Dimensional Chess

Is standard two-dimensional chess not challenging enough? Try three dimensional chess, also called Strato Chess.

Remember the three-dimensional chess seen on some episodes of Star Trek TV shows. You can get the “Official Star Trek Tri-dimensional Chess Set” with certificate of authenticity. Re-creation produced in limited quantity by Franklin Mint.

Used to Be World’s Largest JigSaw Puzzle (at the time)

Forget about your typical jigsaw puzzle. With 24000 pieces, this puzzle called “Life, The Greatest 24000 pcs Puzzle” was in the Guinness book for being the largest commercially available puzzle in terms of number of pieces. The official record is “for the most pieces in a commercially available jigsaw puzzle”. We have to qualify that. It was the largest at the time of the record. It has recently been surpassed by another puzzle made in Germany with over 32,000 pieces.[reference]

Yes, the puzzle “Life, The Greatest…” is commercially available. It is not just a museum piece. You can order it from

The box that it comes in weighs 28 pounds.

And the finish puzzle (if you finish it) measures about 14 feet by 5 feet. You need a pretty big table. If you are really planning space for this puzzle, then the exact dimensions that you need to allocate would be 14 feet and 0.5 inch by 5 feet and 1.8 inch. In other words, 428 centimeters by 147 centimeters.

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Date of article: Jan 2011.