Are Rice and Potatoes Safe Starches?

For those who are on a low-carb diet, they know that bread, pasta, pastries, and flour products are among the bad starches to avoid.  And they contain the anti-nutrient gluten from wheat.

But there is some debate as to whether rice and potatoes are okay to eat — in which Paul Jaminet termed “safe starches”, where “safe” refers to free from toxins like gluten.   However, whether a person can eat them depends on their level of hyperglycemia and their level of low-carb diet.  Certainly healthy people can eat them.

There is debate about safe starches between Paul Jaminet, Jimmy Moore, and Ron Rosedale about it.  Dr. Mercola summarize in an article.  And in interview with Jaminet, Dr. Mercola tended to side with Paul that we do need at least a little bit of carbs from safe starches.    Kurt Harris weighs in by saying …

“I also have come to see most starchy plant organs as perfectly legitimate fuel sources.”


In conclusion, yes, I think rice and potatoes (including sweet potatoes) are safe.