Why Saturated Fats May Have Gotten a Bad Rap

Perceptions are changing. More and more evidence is showing that sugar is the bad culprit making us unhealthy rather than natural saturated fat.

Natural saturated fats from clean non-hormone and non-antibiotic pasture-raised animals can be healthy in moderation. Because these animal eat their natural diet of grass, they contain essential omega-3 fatty acids which commercial grain-eating animals do not have. Because they are naturally raised, their fats do not accumulate hormones, toxins, and antibotics. This clean fat is a good source of fuel for the body without raising our glucose level in our blood.

Dr. Andrew Weil himself has changed his position to no longer recommending “low-fat” dairy foods. He now recommends “high-quality, organic dairy foods in moderation”. In his article Rethinking Saturated Fats, he writes …

“through their direct effects on insulin and blood sugar, refined starches and sugars are more likely than saturated fat to be the main dietary cause of coronary heart disease and type-2″ diabetes.”


He also wrote that …

“It now appears that many studies used to support the low-fat recommendation had serious flaws.”

Many others also feel that our outdated notion of fats and cholesterol may be wrong.  For example, Annette Presley speaks about this on the Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show.

Is Cholesterol as Bad as We Thought?

Similarly, cholesterol from foods may not be as bad as we once thought.  You can read Chris Kresser’s view on this on his site.

Some would argue that cholesterol in and of itself is not bad. One such argument is presented in “The Oiling of America” (video and article).

As typical of in the midst of any movement, the ideas are controversial. And saturated fats are still being debated. FrontLine interviewed several experts in the subjects on both sides of the issue.

If Saturated Fats do not cause heart disease, then what does?

Dr. Dwight Lundell writes article that says it is inflammation of artery wall caused by chronic consumption of sugar, flour, and vegetable oils.

Learn why sugar is unhealthy.

Learn why vegetable oils are bad.

Are Rice and Potatoes Safe Starches?

For those who are on a low-carb diet, they know that bread, pasta, pastries, and flour products are among the bad starches to avoid.  And they contain the anti-nutrient gluten from wheat.

But there is some debate as to whether rice and potatoes are okay to eat — in which Paul Jaminet termed “safe starches”, where “safe” refers to free from toxins like gluten.   However, whether a person can eat them depends on their level of hyperglycemia and their level of low-carb diet.  Certainly healthy people can eat them.

There is debate about safe starches between Paul Jaminet, Jimmy Moore, and Ron Rosedale about it.  Dr. Mercola summarize in an article.  And in interview with Jaminet, Dr. Mercola tended to side with Paul that we do need at least a little bit of carbs from safe starches.    Kurt Harris weighs in by saying …

“I also have come to see most starchy plant organs as perfectly legitimate fuel sources.”


In conclusion, yes, I think rice and potatoes (including sweet potatoes) are safe.