Steven Fowkes video presentation on Alzheimer Reversal

Steven Fowkes has a PowerPoint/YouTube presentation broken into 9 parts that explains the initiating cause of Alzheimer Disease. This is a very detailed an in-depth presentation. Some details are targeted for doctors. However, anyone can benefit from watching to learn the general concepts.

The presentation says that mercury toxicity is a risk factor. Gluthathione is the cell’s main antioxidant and detoxifier of mercury. When gluthathione is abundant enough to be dominate over mercury, then we are in good shape. But when mercury overwhelms gluthathione’s ability to do its job, then that is when Alzheimer’s disease may initiate. Fowkes says that “Alzheimer’s is caused by loss of glutathione cycling.” Glutathione’s antioxidative ability can be recycled, but that requires cellular energy such as ATP.

This energy comes from foods we eat. The presentation talks about how the body can burn glucose as well as fats for fuel. It talks about the glucose pathway and insulin resistance. You may have heard that insulin resistance is a risk factor of Alzheimer’s. It also talks about ketosis and how the body can burn fat as fuel.

The presentation goes into talk about mitochondria, antioxidant system, inflammation as a risk factor, cortisol as neuro-toxin.

The term “Alzheimer Reversal” may be debatable. Certainly, the initiating processes of Alzheimer such as inflammation and mercury toxicity can reduced or reversed. But this is typically at the stage prior to clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Once late-stage Alzheimer where neurons death has set in, then it is much more difficult.

You can find the rest of the nine parts at his YouTube page.

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