Gary Taubes debate with Dr. Dean Ornish

Here is a YouTube video where you can watch a debate between science journalist Gary Taubes and Dr. Dean Ornish and also American Heart Association’s Dr. Barbara Howard. It is moderated by Dr. Oz.

Taubes is saying that perhaps fat is not making us fat and the the real problem may be carbohydrates. And he is okay with fats and proteins. Dr. Ornish is a proponent of low-fat and low-protein diet and is against the Atkins diet. And Dr. Howard tells everyone to eat in moderation.

But there are things they all agree on. That is (1) trans fats are bad for us, and (2) omega-3 fats are good for us, and (3) simple carbohydrates are not good.

If you want to see Gary Taubes and Dr. Dean Ornish present their independent presentation on their views, see Dr. Dean Ornish on Transform 2010 and Taubes on AtGoogleTalks. Dr. Mark Hyman has good things to say out Dr. Dean Ornish here.

Or read each of their books …