Glyphosate plays role in Gluten Sensitivity

Many people with autoimmune conditions also have gluten sensitivity.  But what is less well known is how glyphosate (in many non-organic vegetables) may play a role in this gluten sensitivity.  Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the Roundup herbicide.

Paper by Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff  suggests that glyphosate plays a role in the development of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease citing that …

“Fish exposed to glyphosate develop digestive problems that are reminiscent of celiac disease … Glyphosate …   has been shown to disrupt gut bacteria in animals, preferentially killing beneficial forms and causing an overgrowth of pathogens. “

Pigs fed GMO corn and soy developed intestinal inflammation due to glyphosate in the GMO feed.

Celiacs and non-celiac gluten sensitivity is associated with imbalance gut flora.  Glyphosate inhibits cytochrome P450 enzymes which helps in detoxifying environmental toxins, activating vitamin D3, etc.  It also chelates iron, cobalt, molybdenum, and copper, causing deficiencies of tryptophan, tyrosine, methionine and selenomethionine.

Glyphosate suppresses a certain step in the synthesis of these amino acids in the shikimate pathway.  While humans do not have this pathway, our gut bacteria do.  Worst is that glyphostate negatively harms our good bacteria such as Enterococcus, Bifidobacteria, and Lactobacillus more than they hurt the bad pathogens like Salmonella and Clostridium.  Hence probiotic treatment with Bifidobacteria may help celiacs.  Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli have the ability to make gluten less allergenic as well as the ability to biosynthesize folate.

Interesting article about glyphosate show that GMO crops, animal foods, cereal grains, oil seeds and dried pulses contain the highest levels of glyphosate.  If you don’t want glyphosate on your food, buy organic and avoid GMO.

The bad thing about GMO crops is that they are genetically modified to withstand Roundup and hence more glyphosate can be sprayed on them.

Here is one of the authors, Stephanie Seneff , speaking on the dangers of glyphosate and how it affects the rise in autism…