Used to Be World’s Largest JigSaw Puzzle (at the time)

Forget about your typical jigsaw puzzle. With 24000 pieces, this puzzle called “Life, The Greatest 24000 pcs Puzzle” was in the Guinness book for being the largest commercially available puzzle in terms of number of pieces. The official record is “for the most pieces in a commercially available jigsaw puzzle”. We have to qualify that. It was the largest at the time of the record. It has recently been surpassed by another puzzle made in Germany with over 32,000 pieces.[reference]

Yes, the puzzle “Life, The Greatest…” is commercially available. It is not just a museum piece. You can order it from

The box that it comes in weighs 28 pounds.

And the finish puzzle (if you finish it) measures about 14 feet by 5 feet. You need a pretty big table. If you are really planning space for this puzzle, then the exact dimensions that you need to allocate would be 14 feet and 0.5 inch by 5 feet and 1.8 inch. In other words, 428 centimeters by 147 centimeters.

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Date of article: Jan 2011.