Why Bloggers Write?

Writing is a Solo Pastime

There are some activities that we like to do with people. And then there are some activities that we like to do on our own. Some people get energy by working with other people. They are known as extroverts. And some people recharge their energy by spending time alone. They are known as introverts. Most people have both extroversion and introversion. It is just a matter of leaning towards one side or the other.

When we are in our introversion mode, writing is the perfect activity since it is a solo activity that is best done alone.

Writing Helps Practice Communications Skills

In order to write one must exercise their communication skills. This exercise hones and maintain one’s vocabulary and effective communication. It teaches us to write succinctly. It is more difficult to write succinct and precise. Sometimes we may be in a job where we are doing manual labor, or where the topic of conversation is within a narrow range of topics. By writing we expand our topic of conversation and broaden our range of topics to talk about.

For Money

And then there is the writing for money.  Some blogger write on their site because they constantly need fresh content to generate page view.  Pageview can be monetized by advertisement on the site such as Google AdSense.

But not always

However, that is not always the case.  Some do not write for money.  Leo Babauta is a blogger on a very popular ZenHabits.net. His site has no ads.  Why does he write?

In his article, Finding Your Voice, he says that he writes a lot and that is because …

“This is almost all I need to say, as nothing else matters without the constant practice of writing a lot. Write blog posts and letters, booklets and diatribes, letters to the editor and book reviews, love poems and short stories, novellas and manifestos. The sheer mass of your writing becomes the raw matter from which to chisel your voice.”