Where to Find Homemade KimChi Recipe

KimChi recipe on For the Love of Food blog is a good one to start.  It is based on the method in the book Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz.  There are many variant methods for making KimChi and many use different ingredients.  It is an art as well as science.  If you want to learn more detail about fermentation, read the book Wild Fermentation.  I have.

PerfectHealthDiet has another kimchi recipe and explains the health benefits of fermented food, which kimchi is.  He also answers a lot of questions in the blog comments.  There could have been more emphasize on the need to make sure the vegetables are submerged in brine throughout the fermentation process in order to avoid molds.

Some people like to put a leaf of cabbage or bok choy at the top to prevent air from getting in.  Others like to put plastic wrap between lid of jar.

Dr. Ben Kim has a recipe that uses the “secret ingredient” of apple/pear/onion.  This is better than using of sugar, which is what is often used in commercial kimchi.  Although, this “secret ingredient” is not such a secret.  Because many other recipes uses this as well.

In particular, here is a YouTube video that use that.  Although I would omit the sugar in this one.