Video of Maz Jobrani Iranian Comedian

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Maz Jobrani was born in Iran and emigrated to the United States when he was six.  He was part of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour whose DVD is out.  He also do solo touring and has been on the Tonight Show as well.

He has some middle eastern comedy acts in his skits, but they are all done in good taste.  In fact, he wants to dispel some of the Middle Eastern stereo-types.  He says, just once he wants to see an Middle Easterner on TV doing regular things (like baking a cookie).

On NPR interview with Terry Gross, Maz talked about his acting career and how he was on the hit TV show “24”.  Maz Jobrani attended University of California at Berkeley and even enrolled in the PhD program in UCLA.  His mother had wanted him to become a doctor, lawyer — okay, or say car mechanic (instead of acting).

Maz is well-known enough to be on Wikipedia.  More about Maz Jobrani and his tour schedule on his website.