Michael Moore’s Documentary on Health Care: “Sicko”

Michael Moore’s film “Sicko” compares (sometimes with ironic humor) at the US’s broken healthcare system with universal health care systems in other countries such as Canada, Britain, France, and even Cuba.

There are interviews with health care professionals as well as citizens of the various countries. There is a testimonial by an former medical reviewer who denied an insured of medical treatment which subsequently caused the insured his death — and all because of profits. There are many other first-hand accounts of heart-breaking stories where people have been denied treatment and who subsequently died because of it. And most of whom do have health insurance. As is covered in the extra “special features” of the DVD, it is a myth that if you have health insurance you are safe. The number one cause of bankruptcy and homelessness in the US is due to health care bills. And in 75% of those cases, the person did have health insurance.

Well, at least there were some happy parts to the film. Michael Moore took a group of sick people (including some 911 workers) to Cuba. They had not been able to get the care that they needed in the States. But in Cuba, they did. One person almost cried as she found out that she could get an medicinal inhaler for an equivalent of $0.05 — one which would cost $120 in the States.