Is there a link between mercury, vaccines, and autism?

There are many different possible causes of autism.  The possible connection between vaccines and autism is a controversial topic no doubt.  A part of it involves the mercury containing preservative thimerosal that is found in some vaccines.   Insist that your doctor uses only mercury-free vaccines. Another part is that too many vaccines too soon may overwhelm the immune system of a small percentage of susceptible individuals.

Although vaccines are probably safe for the majority of the population; however, there may be an very small percentage of the population that have a combination of genetic susceptibility and nutritional deficiency that sets them up for sub-optimal detoxification of mercury and/or decreased immune function that may allow vaccines to affect their brain and/or immune system.

In the below video Dr. Andrew Wakefield tells his story about the MMR vaccine.  It is shocking and jaw-dropping in regards to some of the things he mention.  He is not against vaccination.  But he is for safety-first in vaccines.  And some vaccines are not sufficiently tested and not safe in susceptible individuals.  Anyone who is interested in vaccines and its relation to autism and in particular about the MMR vaccine needs to watch this.

Note: this article was written September 2012 and is only opinion at the time of writing.  I am not a medical professional and information was based primarily from Internet web search.  As with any web search performed by a human, it is biased.   Because a human  will tend to self-select search results that is predominantly on one side of the argument.

Here are some information for you to look through…

  • The great thimerosal cover-up: Mercury, vaccines, autism and your child’s health –
  • Book: Health and Nutrition Secrets by Russell Blaylock MD: “the biggest problem with today’s immunization programs is that too many vaccines are being given too close together.” [page 168]
  • Why Current Thinking About Autism is Completely Wrong by Dr. Mark Hyman.  Article talks about an 2.5 year old boy who had just been diagnosed with autism: “He received diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, mumps and rubella, chicken pox, hepatitis A and B, influenza, pneumonia, hemophilous, and meningitis vaccines — all before he was 2 years old. Then something changed. Vaccines may affect susceptible children through different mechanisms. In some it is overwhelming of an already taxed immune system with over 2 dozen vaccinations at a very young age, for some it is the thimerosal (ethylmercury) used as a preservative until recently in most vaccines (although it is still present in most flu vaccines).”
  • Autism and Mercury Toxicity by Dr. Mark Hyman: “But sometimes, as in the case of autistic children, their weakened immune systems can’t handle this “inactivated” live virus, and can’t fight it off. So the live virus hangs around in the body creating inflammation on a low-grade level — both in the gut and the brain.”
  • CoQ10, Vaccination, and Natural Treatment for Migraines by Chris Kresser: “there are studies that have shown vaccine injuries and particularly vaccines that contain mercury in them, and then there’s a lot of, like I said, correlations and plausible mechanisms and other data that point to the distinct possibility that vaccines cause immune dysregulation and can increase the risk of autoimmunity as kids get older.”
  • Vaccines and autism: a  new scientific review –
  • Vaccine bombshell: Baby monkeys develop autism after routine CDC vaccinations –
  • Book: The UltraMind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman: “Large-scale population studies show no connection between MMR or measles vaccine and autism.  That’s because in such large populations the effect on children susceptible to MMR is “washed out.” If you study large groups of people, you won’t pick up small effects on genetically or bio-chemically unique individuals. … The vaccine probably affects only a few genetically susceptible children who are biochemical and immunological train wrecks because of toxic overload.” [page 210]
  • Dr. Tenpenny says in Dr. Lo Radio podcast that vaccines can cause a spectrum of ill effects, with autism at the worst end of the spectrum.

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