Funny Procrastination Videos

I was in front of my computer busy doing some work. I was reading an article online that is work related actually, when I spotted a link to twitter in the article. So I clicked on that. Now I’m at Twitter. Then I saw a link to Flickr. So I clicked on that.

Now I’m in someone’s photo album on Flickr. I scrolled through one page of photos. Clicked “next” and scrolled through another page of photos. Nothing particularly interesting about the photo — just your average photos. But for some reason I found myself clicking the “next page” button at the bottom. Before I know it, I had gone through 10 pages of the album. And at the bottom of the page, it says that I still have 3000 more photos to go. Boy, this guy sure have a lot of photos.

Then I realized what I was doing; I was procrastinating.  So I forced myself to not hit the “next” button — because I have work to be done.   And I was able to successfully pull myself away from Flickr.

Procrastination Video Cartoon Comic

But then the whole event reminded me of this video that I had seen in the past about procrastination. I went in search for that video on YouTube. Found it. Ha! Despite having seen this video several times in the past already, I still found it funny. Here’s the video  created by Lev Yilmaz.

Lev has a style of drawing comics on the spot while the video is recording. You can watch more of his videos on his site. Since now I’m at his site and the videos are right there, I clicked and watch some of his other comic videos as well.

He also has some comics in his book “Sunny Side Down”. There were a few preview pages of the book on Amazon. So I looked through those for a while.

Procrastination Videos on YouTube

Anyways, I figured there must be more funny procrastination videos on YouTube. So I did some searching. And indeed I found some. So I wasted a bit more time watching them. Realizing that I’m procrastinating again, I was able to click “stop” on some of the videos without actually watching through its entirety.

However, I did find one that was titled “How to Procrastinate like a Pro“. That sounds interesting. I wonder what that is all about. So that one I watched it completed — all three and a half minutes of it. More time is ticking away.