Don’t eat polar bear liver (at least not in one sitting)

Doctor Chopra says that “If eaten in one meal, polar bear liver can be deadly”.  This is on page 140 of “Doctor Chopra Says: medical facts and myths everyone should know“.

I’m not sure if anyone here is eating polar bear liver.  But I’m sure I cannot find it in the supermarket. But wait, isn’t polar bears in endangered.  I don’t know it is illegal to catch them or not.  There are so few polar bears left, that it would be hard to catch them anyway.

Anyways, the reason that you should not eat a lot of polar bear liver is because the liver of certain animals are very high vitamin A. So high in fact, that a person can overdose on it.

I don’t know whether to categorize this post under “fun” or “educational”.  It is after all a medical fact.  But it is kind of funny that anyone would be eating polar bear liver.  Oh well, I’ll categorize it as “interesting”.

Note: Dr. Chopra mentioned above is Dr. Sanjiv Chopra — not to be confused with the Deepak Chopra, who is also a doctor and famous author. The two happens to be brothers.