Diet with 50% Fat from Calories

The are some people who believe in eating more healthy fats in the diet.

You absorb more nutrition from salads if you have some fat in your salad or salad dressing rather than to use low-fat dressings.[source: sciencedaily]

Dr. Rosedale say in one of his website Q&A that …

“Yes, the major portion of your diet should be composed of healthy fats.”


Dr. Mercola’s interview of Paul Jaminet is summarized Mercola’s site where Jaminet recommends the following as the optimal balance between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats …

  • 20-30 percent of daily calories from carbohydrates
  • 15 percent of daily calories from protein
  • 55-65 percent from healthy fats

However, one issue that Jaminet and Rosedale differ on is the amount of carbohydrates that one should consume. Jaminet allows for more carbs and says rice and potatoes are “safe starches”. He believes that it is possible to go too low on carbs resulting in “glucose deficiency” and certain negative health effects. Rosedale believes that there are no “safe starches” and that one can never be too low on carbs.

After hearing both Jaminet’s and Rosedale point of view, Dr. Mercola tend to side with Jaminet’s view in that it is possible to go too low in carbs as Dr. Mercola has personally experienced. (reference Dr. Mercola and Paul Jaminent interview)

Dr. Mercola writes article mentioning that he himself consumes 60% to 70% of his calories from healthy fats.

Kurt Harris MD writes on his Archevore blog that …

“Archevore eaters typically range from 5-35% carbohydrate, from 10-30% protein and from 50 to 80% fat (mostly from animals) …”

Archevore is a diet framework and in the link provided has quite a few other healthy tips.

Mark Sisson’s article says that during training he consumes up to 50% of his calories from of healthy fats plus a lot of anti-oxidants.

Dave Asprey writes that he eats 50% of his calories from fat and puts butter and MCT oil into his coffee. MCT oil stands for medium chain triglyceride oil of which coconut oil is among them.  Dave Asprey has a recipe for putting butter in coffee.

Paul Jaminet often drinks coffee with half coffee and half heavy cream [from his book The Perfect Health Diet]

Essay by Stephanie Seneff writes that fats and cholesterol are healthy especially for the brain. She says …

“… aim for something like 50% fat, 30% protein, and 20% carbohydrate, so as to pro-actively defend against Alzheimer’s.”

The idea that saturated fat is unhealthy is false. She writes her opinion as follow …

“You would practically have to be as isolated as an Australian Aborigine not to have absorbed the message that dietary fats, particularly saturated fats, are unhealthy. I am extremely confident that this message is false”


Because of this reasoning, many are now adopting a low-carb high-fat style of diet. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt has an good explanation of the low-carb high-fat style of diet on his site

Dr. Andrew Weil has said on his site that his “thinking on saturated fat has evolved”, citing studies that indicates no difference in coronary heart risk between low saturated fat consumers and high saturated fat consumers. He says that …

“refined starches and sugars are more likely than saturated fat to be the main dietary cause of coronary heart disease and type-2 diabetes.” [reference]

Heart surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell speaks out as in an article saying that it is sugar that causes heart disease rather than fat. [reference]

If you want to learn more about a group that went on a low-carb high-fat diet, watch the documentary My Big Fat Diet. Or to learn about lipid metabolism in Kevin Ahern’s Biochemistry YouTube Channel.