“Did You Know” YouTube Video

Karl Fisch “Did You Know / Shift Happens” YouTube Video version 2.0 was announced on his blog back in June 2007 and which you can see here…

It puts into perspective how big the world is and how fast it is changing. Some of the statistics is amazing.

Since then, many other have re-mixed the presentation.

Here is another version …

with closing credits that says “Research and original design by Karl Fisch, Scott Mclood, Jeff Brenman”

With content based on Karl Fisch presentation, Jeff Brenman has a slide version of the presentation at uploaded to SideShare around 2006 which you can view here called ShiftHappens.

Now there is a “Did You Know 4.0″…

The people credited for this one are Scott McLeod, Karl Fisch, and Laura Bestler.

This one is nice in that is has credit and sources at the end and has a creativecommon license.