Free WiFi in Toilets?

This sign says “We have Free Wi-Fi” and beneath that it says “Toilets” and “Welcome”.

Free wifi in toilet
Free wifi in toilet

Actually the sign is taken out of context.  There is probably a restaurant name at the top of the sign pointing left and it has free Wi-Fi.  The toilets are to the right.

Corpse Flower smells Terrible and is Tallest in World

Usually flowers produce a nice scent.  However this flower known as “corpse flower”, or titan arum by its scientific name, smells terrible. It is also known as amorphophallus titanum, which in Greek means “without form giant”.  More on Wikipedia.

corpse flower
Photo credit: ingridtaylar on flickr

If the flower looks big, it is.  It can reach 9 feet in height.  Look at the picture here of person next to the 2.11 meter tall flower in Kew Gardens in London.  BBC News article says the corpse flower is tallest in the world.  Also mentioned here.

In May 2003, BBC News reports of a corpse flower in University of Germany Boon that was 2.74 meters tall and 15 years old that was supposedly tallest in the world at the time.

People have referred to the smells as “rotting flesh” and “fully smelly” and “cooking cabbage and a dead rat in the wall, a mixture of the two” [source]

The smell is supposed to attract flies and carrion beetles which helps the flower pollinate.  This may be why it is also sometimes known as “carrion flower”.

The spadix in full bloom is the about the same temperature as the human body.  And this may also help attract insects that eat carcasses.

The flower grows in the tropical rainforests of Sumatra and Indonesia.  However, it sometimes can be found on display at some time in the past in botanical gardens including University of California at Berkeley’s Botanical Garden and Houston Museum of Natural Science and Kew Gardens in London and others.