Doctors Treating Autism and ADHD by Balancing Gut Flora

The balances in the gut flora between the good and bad bacteria can affect the brain and causes symptoms such as autism and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

In YouTube video,¬†Dr. Mercola interviews¬†Dr. Natasha’s Campbell McBride who had cured her son of Autism with the “GAPS diet” that she pioneered.

GAPS is “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” and her website is where she has her book which is a self-help book for parents explaining what foods are good and bad for autism.

Parts of the GAPS diet is (1) restricting sugar and carbohydrates, (2) introducing probiotics in the form of fermented foods, (3) and detoxification.

Dr. Mark Hyman explains similar concepts when he gave his talk at Google where he mentioned how helped ADHD boy by correcting diet and other imbalances in gut.