Elderly People Street Sign

elderly people street sign
Photo credit: Ethan Prater on Flickr

Hmm… Interesting.  I’ve never seen this sign before. But then, I’ve never lived in the UK (which is where this sign was shot).

I categorized this photo under “Interesting”. I did not categorized this photo under the “Fun” category, as it is not nice to make fun of elderly people (That might be me someday).

Self Referential Escalator Sign

The photo of the sign posted on LiveJournal and on flickr at first appears to be a sign about the sign itself.

Actually, the purpose of the sign is to act as a blocker so that people who tries to lean over the escalator will get hit on the head by the sign rather than getting their heads caught in the narrowing gap between the column and escalator.

Dangerous Sign with Sharp Edges

Some signs are useless. In addition, this one is dangerous too and it says so…

Sign with Shape Edges
Photo credit: Me-Liss-A on flick

This sign says “CAUTION: This sign has sharp edges.  Do not touch the edges of this sign.”  Well, if the sign wasn’t there, then there wouldn’t be any sharp edges for us to touch.  And there wouldn’t be a need for such a Caution.

Actually, I think the sign is about “no smoking”.  See tiny icon in lower right.  Not sure what is the icon on lower left indicate.

And the bottom text says “Also, the bridge is out ahead.”  I guess, they thought the sharp edges of the sign is more important the a bridge being out.

This sign reminds me of another ironic sign linked here.

Sign to Rica Hell Hotel

This picture by Aleksander Dragnes on Flickr was taken in Trondheim Vaernes Airport in Norway.

Sign to Rica Hell Hotel
Photo Credit: Aleksander Dragnes on Flickr

In English, the name of the hotel is not too complimentary.  However, maybe it sounds better in Norwegian.

Actually, on Rica Hotels website, it says “Rica Hell Hotel is one of Norway’s largest course and conference hotels, offering an ideal venue for business travellers, for those looking for somewhere to stay before going off on holiday…”

Funny Be Safe Sign

funny be safe sign
Photo on Flickr by tenioman

The sign tells us they want us to be safe. But they are really more concerned about the animals getting sick after they eat you.